A New Yorker falls for a Namibian

DINNER and maybe a movie. As a native New Yorker, that generally summed up most of my date nights in the US.

At the age of 26, I took a leap of faith and moved to Namibia where my dating life took a dramatic turn.

Just before I left for Namibia a few friends joked that I’d find my ‘African king’ there. I brushed them off. The last thing I was moving to Africa for was a date. My focus was finally experiencing life on the African continent. That superseded everything else.

About six months into my Namibian school year, a new teacher joined the staff. He was a Namibian who was born and raised in a nearby village.

Our first date was a walk through town. It was his suggestion. We bumped into many people that he knew and he took the time to give me the background of every single person he greeted. It gave me a deeper insight into the community that I hadn’t had before. It put a more human face on my Namibian experience.

We ended that first date sitting under a gigantic baobab tree, just getting to know each other. I remember noticing how

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