Alternative Australia – Off the Beaten Track Down Under

Sunny Australia. What can we say? Land of beaches, bbqs, and boomerangs. Kangaroos and Koalas. Champagne by the sea on Christmas day and every dangerous living creature on the planet is out to kill you (watch out for those pesky drop-bears). It’s also a land long synonymous with cliché, as you can clearly tell from our introduction, but all joking aside, there’s much more than meets the eye here.

Australian beach

We thought it was time to dispense with the rumour that everyone rides a kangaroo to work. Oz has got some truly great stuff going for it, but stepping away for a moment from what the country is widely famous for, there are some awesome alternative attractions should you decide to scratch its rather large surface.

Help is at hand!

And large it is! Huge in fact! 2.97 million mi² to be precise! But fear not dear friends, for we understand the enormity of the task in dissecting all this enormous island has to offer. We wouldn’t want you to go missing in the outback.

Australia desert

And we’re not alone; as the Marco Polo Australia guide is also on hand to help you navigate this abundant country, organise your

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