Art in Paradise – 3D art museum in Chiang Mai

Thailand is a very popular tourist destination, you can always find many new facilities and creative things, for example, a Harrods tearoom from the UK, Bangkok branch is the first in Asia.  4DX cinema with added special effects, it is even better than the 3D cinemas, there are only 3 in Asia, Seoul, Bangkok and Chiang Mai.  3D art museum is very famous in Korea, Pattaya one opened few years ago, and now Chiang Mai open one as well.

Art in Paradise in Chiang Mai could be the largest one Thailand and even in Asia which opened in July 2013.  It is a 3-storey building which is divided into eight areas with more than 100 artworks.   A lot of people are queuing up to get in from 9:30am.

Art in Paradise – 3D art museum in Chiang Mai

All of the paintings have 3D effect, if you get to the painting, it seems like you are in the picture, it is very interesting.  This was very popular in Europe. Art In Paradise in Pattaya has attracted a lot of tourists, but by comparison, Chiang Mai one has more interesting and shocking pictures, and new exhibits are adding according to trends and seasons.

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