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Popular heritage brands to visit in Chinatown Singapore

Popular heritage brands to visit in Chinatown Singapore
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From traditional medical halls, food, teahouses to jewelers, shops in Chinatown have a rich history of their own. Located within beautifully-restored shophouses, here are the heritage brands you need to visit when you travel to Chinatown in Singapore.


  • On Cheong Jewellery, 安昌
    On Cheong Jewellery was established in 1936 by Ho Yew Ping, an emigrant of Guangdong Shunde province of China. The name of the company was reference from the Chinese phrase "平安昌盛", meaning peace and prosperity. On Cheong has achieved a reputation of being capable of creating designs unique jewellery masterpieces for you over the years.

  • Poh Heng Jewellery, 宝兴
    Poh Heng has received numerous accolades since its inception in 1948. Some of these awards include the title of Top Performing Luxury Brand in Singapore, among many others. It has expanded to more than 10 outlets islandwide

  • Poh Seng Jewellery,寶成 Poh Seng Jewellers Pte Ltd has been an established retailer and wholesaler of fine gems, gold and jade since 1939. As a third-generation family-run business, they are dedicated to providing their customers with the most elegant jewellery, expert knowledge of the industry, and an after-sales service that has kept their customers loyal.

Medical Shop

  • Chop Wah On, 華安药行
    Chop Wah On is known as Singapore's Oldest Medicated Oil and Balm Manufacturer. They are also known as Singapore's First and Largest manufacturer of crocodile oil. Among the items developed are Wah On Shake Hand Brand Farm Crocodile Oil 100% (華安握手商標鰐魚油 100%), SMTong's Pepo Embrocation Oil (八寳百花油)and Chop Wah On Shake Hand Brand Eucalypthol Balm (握手商標華安駆風鎮痛膏).

  • Leung Kai Fook Medical Company
    The world's renowned Axe Brand Univeral Oil was founded by Leung Kai Fook Medical back in 1928. The Axe Brand is a trusted symbol of good health and strength worldwide, thanks to its founder's excellent business acumen and the oil's time-honored formula.

  • Thye Shan Medical Hall, 泰山药行
    Thye Shan is in the business of providing quality Traditional Chinese Medicinal (TCM) products and services. Thye Shan Medical Hall was founded in 1955 by Chan Chak Poey who had migrated to Singapore from China’s Guangdong province. . With more than 60 years of history, they have ample experience in providing you with only the best quality.

  • Fong Moon Kee 冯满记
    Since the early 1900s, Fong Moon Kee Medical Shop has provided cures for both young and old who suffer from cold and other common ailments. The medical shop sells different mixtures of oils to heal specific conditions, such as rheumatism, stomachache, burns, insect bites, headaches, colds etc.


  • Tai Chong Kok, 大中国
    At Chop Tai Chong Kok, they have made mooncakes and traditional Cantonese pastries the same way since 1935. Their delicious mooncakes are exquisitely handmade, following the original recipes and unique tastes handed down from generations. Tai Chong Kok also creates traditional Chinese wedding cakes, soft flour cakes and other Cantonese confections.

  • Tong Heng, 東興
    Incorporated in 1935, Tong Heng specializes in traditional Chinese pastries and is renowned for its signature diamond-shaped egg tarts. Today, the family business is managed by their 3rd and 4th generations in a modernized setting and continues to consistently offer delectable baked goods like barbecue pork crisps and wedding pastries, as well as kaya spreads and Chinese desserts.

  • Tai Thong Cake Shop, 大同饼家
    Tai Thong Cake Shop was founded in 1950. The bakery specializes in traditional Cantonese-style pastries made by hand daily from regionally-sourced raw ingredients. A home-grown business in continuous operation over the past 70 years, Tai Thong Cake Shop preserves a piece of yesteryear culture. It has become an iconic destination in Singapore's historic Chinatown.

Food & Snacks

  • Spring Court Restaurant, 詠春園
    Established in 1929, Spring Court Restaurant specializes in Singapore Chinese Cuisine and is the oldest Chinese restaurant in Singapore. We love the dim sum and charcoal roast suckling pig here.

  • Chew Kee Eating House and Chiew Kee Noodle House.
    These shops serve delicious soya sauce chicken and just less than 100 metres apart on the same street. They are operated by the descendants of Cantonese hawker Yu Beng Chew who started selling soya chicken in Singapore in the 1940s. Chew Kee’s soya chicken is slightly less sweet than the soya chicken at Chiew Kee. Can't decide? Just try one soya chicken rice at one stall and soya chicken noodle at the other stall.

  • Mei Heong Yuen Dessert 味香园甜品
    Mei Heong Yuen Dessert has it roots connected to the iconic FARMER BRAND groundnuts. It specializes in different varieties of pastes and steamed egg pudding. Its peanut paste is fragrant and delicately grounded to give a smooth texture with no presence of any peanut bits. The other two “heavenly kings” are sesame and almond pastes. There is also the sugar-free almond paste to whet their appetites for the health-conscious. On a hot day, cold desserts like the mango with pomelo and sago are a sure winner for quenching desiccated throats with the tangy blend of cool mango puree and pomelo and sago. The Snow Ice from Taiwan is another refreshing cold dessert that comes in thin smooth mouth-feel sheets that reminiscent fine powered snow. We recommend you try the mango snow ice on a hot day in Singapore.

  • Lim Chee Guan, 林志源
    Since 1938, Lim Chee Guan has been a leader in bak kwa – traditionally barbecued meat slices uniquely Singapore. Mr Lim Kay Eng first set up shop in Chinatown, armed with a recipe he developed, using the finest ingredients and following the same exacting process. We remembered he used to barbecue the meat slices in a coffee shop and now, he owns 4 outlets in Singapore.