Travel Blogger Advice – How to score a press trip

Are you a travel blogger or aspiring to be one? Great, you’ve come to the right place! We at Travelettes not only want to inspire you to travel the world but advise on how to turn your passions into a career if you desire to do so. We have already shared some tips on how to become a travel writer and how to turn your blog into a business. Today I want to tell you about an exciting part of this process: press trips and how to get invited!

What is a press trip?

Press or FAM trips (familiarization trips) are put together by PR offices on behalf of their clients and tourism boards or DMOs directly (destination marketing organizations) to show members of the press what a country or a particular area is all about. That can be anything from traveling through a whole country, one city or just being invited by a specific hotel or airline.

Some press trips will involve a group of bloggers or a mix of journalists and bloggers while other times you get to go on your own and plan an individual itinerary.

Some trips will cover anything from airfare to accommodation, transport on

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