Lemon meringue pie

Yum! Meringue was fluffy, lemon custard was not too sweet yet not too sour, crust was fresh and crumbly @ Wimbly Lu Chocolates on

Pizza and lasagna

Not too bad pizza but the lasagna was not great. Be careful of the chili flakes… HOT! @ La Pizzaiola on


This root beer cake with vanilla ice cream is out of this world!!!! @ Wimbly Lu Chocolates on


Freshly baked salami pizza with really spicy chili flakes! @ La Pizzaiola on

Fried fish

I am not a fishy man but had cravings for fish today. Had a rather crispy seabass with sweet sauce. @ Seasalt The Company Pte Ltd on


Very very very very…very very fresh and yummy today. Service is also 5 star! What a happy dinner! @ Kuriya Dining on

Nacho with spicy grilled chicken

So delicious! So sinful! @ Guzman Y Gomez on

Japanese cuisine

Fresh juicy sashimi, crispy tender Saba, tasty soft shell crab with optional seasoning of seaweed, plum, yuzu, smooth chawanmushi and awesome dessert with the hazelnut coffee flavored macaroon in the limelight! I’ll be back! Great service too! @ Kuriya Dining on

Burrito bowl with steak and salsa

Delicious Mexican food! @ Guzman Y Gomez on

Bar food

Having supper and watching epl soccer! @ TJ's sports bar & grill on

Thai food

Excellent tom yum, iced coffee and Thai iced milk tea. The green curry was the worst I’ve had, ever! Disappointed that the worst green curry comes from Thailand! @ Black Canyon (%u0E41%u0E1A%u0E25%u0E47%u0E04%u0E41%u0E04%u0E19%u0E22%u0E2D%u0E19) on

Thai food

Pretty good Thai food found here @ %u0E19%u0E32%u0E23%u0E32 (Nara Thai Cuisine) on